Outsourced Ecommerce Success

What is Outsourced Ecommerce?

We often get asked about what exactly outsourced ecommerce means, and with good reason. It can be challenging to explain, even when you work in it every day, because it encompasses a lot of interconnected pieces.

In its simplest terms though, outsourced ecommerce is payment processing PLUS a bunch of complementary features (identified below) that can contribute to your success selling online.

Payment Processing

Simple payment processing can make sense for some start-ups that only want to accept credit cards and a single currency. This involves working directly with payment companies and ensuring compliance with their security and other regulations. But the more payment options and currencies you want to offer your customers, the more complicated it gets.

Plus Security & Fraud Protection

Outsourced ecommerce includes PCI compliance so you don’t have to worry about meeting evolving requirements. Additionally, many outsourced ecommerce solutions like RevenueWire include fraud protection to lower the risk of costly chargebacks.

Plus a Customizable, Fully-Hosted Cart

Every business is unique. So when it comes to ecommerce, one size will never fit all. That’s why outsourced ecommerce solutions offer cart page templates for businesses to choose from which incorporate ecommerce best practices and can subsequently be customised to mirror your website design. You can also offer discounts, coupons, free trials, cross-sells or upsells within your checkout path to increase conversions and boost your revenue.

Plus Subscription Billing and Optimization

For subscription services, outsourced ecommerce can automate the recurring payments and subscription management processes, and includes features to ensure subscriber payment information is automatically kept up-to-date. For payments that do fail, dunning management capabilities are built in to automatically retry the transaction which can greatly improve the number of customers and, ultimately, revenue that you are able to retain.

Plus International Payments and Tax Management

Selling online has the advantage of being able to access customers all over the world. While the opportunity is vast, it also adds to the challenge. To get overseas shoppers to buy from you is more difficult than many think. For the best results, you need to have a purchase solution that can intelligently detect where in the world your shopper is and localize their purchase experience in terms of language, currency, support options, local payment types and more. In addition, international taxes can be automatically calculated and remitted on your behalf.

Plus Mobile Optimization

Sales made using mobile devices continue to grow fast. Add to this the importance search engines like Google are placing on being mobile optimized and it’s clear companies need to ensure their entire mobile ecommerceexperience is easy. Outsourced ecommerce solutions have cart pages that are optimized for mobile to ensure that mobile shoppers don’t abandon their purchase.

Plus Cart Testing Capabilities

Successful ecommerce means never being static. You need to consistently test what works best when it comes to converting your customers and what tactics may work at increasing lifetime value. That’s where cart testing can be invaluable so you can test changes to your checkout process.

Plus Robust Reporting

Good business decisions need insightful and up-to-date information. Outsourced ecommerce platforms come equipped with multiple reporting options so you can stay on top of key performance indicators (KPIs) to be able to make informed, timely decisions, pinpoint what is working well and what is not, and even increase the value of your firm (investors love metrics).

Plus Customer Billing Support

Happy customers are vital for ecommerce businesses. Outsourced ecommerce solutions offer built-in customer management tools and a multi-language billing support team available via phone or email. This allows your internal team more time to ensure your customers’ success with your service.

Plus Partner Payout Management

If you work with performance marketers or channel partners, outsourced ecommerce solutions often include partner management, tracking and the ability to automatically calculate and pay out based on their sales performance.

Plus Getting Up & Running Quickly

For new products with robust sales targets, getting to market as quickly as possible is essential. And while setting up your own ecommerce platform is possible, it will take a great deal of time and resources that can be better put to use on building your core business.

Plus Access to Expert Account Management

Outsourced ecommerce is done by those who live and breath the industry. Outsourced ecommerce platforms are backed up with teams specialized in all aspects of ecommerce from cart optimization to security and fraud mitigation.

Wrapping it Up: Keeping Your Ecommerce (and Revenue) Optimized

If there’s one constant in ecommerce, it’s that everything is always changing. From technology to consumer preferences, security standards, payment methods, tax considerations, regulations and more, keeping on top of it all can very quickly become complex and time-consuming. If you fall behind, you can quickly see your revenue drop because of lower conversions, more failed payments or the loss of payment methods.

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