What is ‘Everything as a Service’?

  • Sign Up & Go. With cloud-based services, getting up and running straight away is easy. You can even do so without talking to a single human being. This sign-up-and-go approach is possible thanks to the adaptation of user-friendly application programming interfaces (APIs), making it easy for users to carry out their desired action without needing the technological skills to do so. Long integration processes are history; activating your service takes minutes or hours, not weeks or months.
  • No Upfront Investment. One of the most appealing aspects of XaaS is the fact that an initial investment doesn’t need to be made. Pricing is based on units of measure as opposed to implementation. There is no hefty setup fee. Not only that, but in many cases XaaS companies take full advantage of the “try before you buy” model, allowing users to gauge the value of the service by downloading a free version before making a financial commitment.
  • Greater agility, flexibility and scalability.
  • Increased innovation through technology.
  • Ability to take advantage of new technologies, due to faster response to market developments.
  • Improved ability to predict budget expenditure, reducing startup costs.



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Jason Kiwaluk

Jason Kiwaluk

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