Find the Right Ecommerce Platform for Your Subscription Business

One of the biggest challenges for any digital subscription business is finding the right platform to manage the entire revenue lifecycle. Everything from account management, payment processing, to automated email communications needs to be supported by an ecommerce platform designed for subscription businesses. But with many platforms to choose from, what are the key capabilities you need to look for and how do you select one that will meet your specific needs? To help you narrow your search, here are seven things to keep in mind:

1) Built for digital products

2) Global business support

3) Lifetime subscription management

  • Flexible subscription terms
  • Renewal optimization and Dunning management
  • Real-time reporting and analytics on key subscription metrics
  • Subscription profile management
  • Flexible and robust API to allow you to customize your platform to meet your business needs

4) Integrated email communications

5) Customer support

6) Reports built for subscriptions

7) Pricing Models

What ecommerce platform is best for you?

Originally published at on January 7, 2014.

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